Perceptions of Safety Culture and the Operating Room Black Box: A Pilot Study
CANSAGE ePoster Library. Shore E. 09/27/19; 275263; eP-130
Eliane Shore
Eliane Shore
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Objectives: The Operating Room Black Box (ORBB), a comprehensive recording platform, is used to improve team performance. Recording of Operating Room (OR) staff can be challenging as individual concerns can overshadow educational and organizational benefits. Our objective was to assess perceptions of recording and relation to patient safety, impostor syndrome, and privacy concerns.Methods: A questionnaire assessing perceptions of OR recording included sections on demographic information, previous experience with OR recording and validated tools (5 points scales): Safety Attitudes Questionnaire (SAQ), Clance Imposter Syndrome Index (CI), and Dispositional Privacy Concern (DPC). Further measurements included staffs’ opinions of the ORBB and its potential effect on safety, team collaboration, and litigation. The survey was distributed to gynecologists, OR nurses, and anesthesiologists, prior to implementing the ORBB in the gynecology OR.Results: Descriptive statistics were performed for variables and SAQ, CI, and DPC scales and correlations between demographic factors, these scales, and attitude towards the ORBB. Response rate: 45% (n=43/96, 20/22 Nurses, 9/11 Gynaecologists, 14/63 Anaesthesiologist). Opinions of recording were positive (mean=3.8, SD=0.91). Nurses had more favourable opinions of the ORBB compared to gynaecologists and anaesthesiologists (4.2 vs. 3.7 vs 3.4, p=.06). Individuals most affected by imposter syndrome were more likely to be concerned about litigation (r=-.32, p=.04). Conclusion: Perceptions of ORBB were most favourable among nurses and least among anesthesiologists. Those with high measures of impostor syndrome were more concerned about litigation. Addressing concerns around ORBB data could facilitate successful implementation of the ORBB, improve team communication and patient safety in gynecology.
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